Welcome to Foods & Foodies!


We love food and it is needless to say that we love to eat… But eating is much more than only nourishing our bodies. Food also nourishes our souls. We want to share with you our passion for simple foods and simple recipes. These simple foods are mostly those that do not come in a package or with a nutrition facts label attached to it. These simple foods allow us to transform them with our special touch.

Foods can offer us much more than pleasant or unpleasant perceptions resulting from the stimulation of sensory cells in our taste buds (with the aid of saliva) combined with foods’ volatile compounds carried by air passing the nasal cavity (stimulating olfactory neurons), which are ultimately orchestrated by our brains into what science defines as flavor. Foods can aid us to engage all our senses with their amazing tastes, aromas, flavors, colors, textures, shapes, and more.

Foods & Foodies is our space to share these tastes, aromas, flavors, colors, textures, shapes and also stories, values, memories, traditions and new experiences with foods. In addition, we want to share a bit of nutrition information and a few travelling adventures with those willing to try what local cuisines have to offer.

We believe that the attitude we bring to grocery shopping, the kitchen and the table affect how much good the foods we eat do for us. We feel good about the foods we eat and the foods we share with family and friends.